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Industries Onshore

To be able to cope with sand, water and gases found in crude oil, pumping systems for mineral oil require heavy duty pumps with reliable engineered mechanical seals that feature durable sliding faces with good emergency running characteristics. Often it is necessary to seal pressures in excess of 100 bar and sliding velocities of over 60 m/s. The ideal seal face combination for such conditions have proven to be high-strength carbons running against silicon carbide.

Typical Applications

Crude Oil Pump

Pipeline Pump

Water Injection Pump

Industries Offshore

Adverse environmental conditions, high rotational speed and pressure levels as well as corrosive media constituents place demanding requirements on sealing technology used in the offshore production and subsequent conveyance of oil and gas. Not only that but in many cases highly abrasive mixtures of crude oil, water, gas and sand cause a high degree of wear. Expert Engineering has proven itself with its heavy-duty mechanical seals with innovative and tailor made seal components with high-strength seal faces , guaranteeing longer service life even in highly stressed pumps.

Typical Applications

Main Oil Export Pump

Multiphase Pump

Water Injection Pump<

Industries Compressors

High speed machines whose trouble free availability constitutes a major precondition for many process engineering operations. Key criteria for the selection and design of compressors are the working medium, the compression ratio, the volume flow, the number of intermediate inputs & outputs and the design of the shaft seal which assumes critical importance.

Typical Applications

Ammonia Compressor

CO Compressor

Oven Gas Compressor

Ethylene Compressor

Flash Turbine

Screw Compressor

Industries Quarrying & Coal Mining

The cutter heads on quarrying and mining machines are fed with water, not only for cooling purposes but also for settling the dust and extinguishing any sparks produced by the cutting tools. Mechanical Seals perform the dual function of a rotary joint and a seal for the cutter and roller heads. Sealing systems used on these equipment are exposed to abrasive and chemically aggressive media. In some applications, high temperature and pressure make conditions even more challenging. Despite the harsh operating environment, users expect high reliability to avoid costly downtime.

Typical Applications

Cutter Head Seal

Mining Machine

Roller Head Seal

Rotary Joint For Carbide Cutter

Industries Coal Gasification

There were times, particularly during the oil-crisis years, when coal gasification centered on the process of hydrogenation, e.g. to produce motor fuels. Nowadays the driving force behind its further development is the generation of electricity by combination-type power stations with integrated coal gasification. Here the main objectives are to lower CO2 emissions, to raise fuel efficiency and to stretch existing resources.

Typical Applications

Coal Feed Screw

Industries Chemical & Petrochemical

The materials used in the chemical/petrochemical industry need to be capable of coping with the large array of media, many of them explosive or toxic and others which could become when mixed. An increased awareness of environmental risks calls for a maximum reliability and operational safety, especially from sealing systems. Against this background, the sealing systems used in applications involving what are in many cases explosive, toxic or aggressive media have to ensure optimum tightness. On the other hand they should also help optimize processes and thus be of advantage where the economic aspects are concerned as well. From non-critical sealing points – for which standard solutions are deployed – right through to highly complex system solutions required where particularly difficult operating conditions are concerned.

Typical Applications

Agitator Bead Mill

Chemical Pump

Eccentric Screw Pump

Gear Pump

Glass Lined Reactor

Thin Film Evaporator


Chemical Reactor

Industries Refinery

The processing of crude oil in refineries is a complex and multi-stage process in which crude oil is transformed into refined, high-quality end products or feed materials for petrochemical industry. Sealing technology for such diverse applications have to meet challenges in various respects; risk of insufficient lubrication and dry running, media with a diversity of physical properties, high and low temperature ranges and the handling of hazardous substances and all other conditions which need to be controlled with absolute reliability. With a comprehensive range of API-compliant quality seals and supply systems Expert Engineering is playing a key role towards ensuring the reliability and safety of refinery processes.

Typical Applications

Discharge Pump

Gas Oil Pump

GLP Delivery Pump

Quench Oil Pump

Residual Oil Pump

Industries Hot Water

Hot water is conveyed by pumps for a variety of purposes in thermal energy generating systems, district heating systems, home heating systems and so on. The suitability of a mechanical seal for such applications depends on many different parameters, e.g. pressure to be sealed, temperature at the seal, sliding velocity, power consumption, water quality (pH-value, O2-dose, conductivity, operating mode), water additives such as corrosion inhibitors etc.

Typical Applications

Water Pump

Pipeline Pump

Water Injection Pump

Industries Power

Sealing systems featuring maximum operational reliability, convenient maintenance and low leakage rates with necessary environmental protective measures are standard requirements in modern power stations. The product range includes mechanical seals and supply systems for auxiliary and secondary pumps, boiler circulation pumps and feed water pumps as well as mechanical seals and carbon floating ring seals for turbines, compressors and fans.

Typical Applications

Boiler Circulating Pump

Feed Pump

Flue Gas Desulphurization

Residue Evacuation Pump

Condensate Pump

Industries Pulp & Paper

Wood is the most important raw material for the pulp and paper industry. It is either digested to chemical pulp in digesters or reduced to mechanical pulp in grinders or refiners. The pulp produced this way is then graded, bleached and washed and conveyed to the paper machine. There it passes through the various stages such as head box, wire part, press section, drying section and reeling section.

Typical Applications

Pressure Grinder

Pulp Pump

Digesting & Bleaching Pump

Dinking Pump

Industries Wastewater

Municipal and Industrial sewage is conveyed by waste water pumps into collection tanks at the sewage works. Sewage works pumps are usually operated with single seals in either a dead-end arrangement (conical) seal chamber or with product circulation or external flushing (cylindrical seal chamber). While standard seals are in many cases adequate for applications involving the supply of fresh water or conveyance of waste water, special engineering solutions are a necessity where heavy-duty applications in the spheres of drinking water supply or seawater desalination plants are concerned. On the other hand, thermal energy provision requires individual account to be taken of parameters such as pressure, temperature, sliding velocity, friction, water quality and additives. Their high quality ensures that Expert Engineering seals significantly boost the availability of pumps in all types of water-related applications.

Typical Applications

Non Clogging Pump

Raw Sludge Pump

Sewage Block Pump

Submersible Agitator

Submersible Pump

Water Pump

Pipeline Pump

Water Injection Pump

Industries Marine

With automation in marine applications and the protection of our seas, the sealing technology is becoming increasingly important. Various different media need to be sealed in the tightest of spaces on board ships: the spectrum of applications in this sphere ranges from fuel supply, fire fighting facilities, bilge and ballast tank pumps right through to tubular stern seals, thru-bulkhead receptacles and flue gas ducts. Many of the seals used in such applications have to be seawater resistant, so in many cases are made from high-quality materials.

Typical Applications

Cooling Water Pump

Dredging Pump

Lubricating Oil Pump

Gear Box

Industries Sugar

Sugar campaigns are over in a relatively short time. For optimum economy and ecology it is all the more important, therefore to have a reliable sealing systems. In the past it was normal for juice pumps to be equipped with double seals to cope with the tendency to crystallization and carbonation. Today the use of single seals is possible in most of the cases due to availability of modern materials and new seal compartment geometries.

Typical Applications

Flume Water Pump

Juice Circulating Pump

Worm Agitator

Mash Pump

Industries Pharmaceutical

In addition to meeting technical requirements a seal has to display many other characteristics in connection with cleanliness, health and general legislation. These include for example materials which are compatible with food, smooth and abrasion-proof surfaces which are easy to clean, complete units which can be sterilized and cleaned without having to be dismantled (SIP/CIP). Expert Engineering mechanical seals have been used for such demanding applications with great success in sterile processes. Our range of mechanical seals includes a broad spectrum of high-quality, specifically optimized sealing solutions ranging from standard solutions to specialized system solutions for nearly any application in the pharmaceutical industry.

Typical Applications


Spherical Dryer

Eccentric Pump

Sterile Pump

Centrifugal Pump

Filter Dryer

Food Pump